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Versatile Venue Welcomes Patrons

Casual elegance in a historic context was the guiding idea behind the exterior renovations of the Belvedere Chateau in Palos Hills. The banquet hall had several interior and exterior makeovers and additions. While the interior was classic and ornate, the exterior became a cluster of unattractive structures and shapes. The new direction updates the brand with a modern, “Gothic Style” look with natural light, clean lines and a fresh look. 

The design concept started from the two-story section of the existing building and decided to maintain the same height for the hall renovation facing the street. LUMINESIO added a soaring three story corner tower with stepped pillar flanking the custom designed arched windows.

The facade transformation reflecting the interior gives every gathering an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.



Belvedere Chateau


Palos Hills, IL


Spring, 2015

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