Modern Deco Kitchen

Our client, Airoom has been in the residential industry for over 60 years and have an impressive showroom with multiple displays that were outdated and not making profit. LUMINESIO was called to consult and design the first floor with new layouts and new displays for them that not only generates more traffic, publicity and sales but also set trends and style in the marketplace.

The Modern Deco Kitchen is one of the many displays that we designed with luxury senses for the stylish clients. The influential visual arts - Art Deco design style which appeared in France in the 1920’s was the inspiration for this Kitchen from a modernist perspective. LUMINESIO selected bold chevron patterns throughout, lavish ornamentation on custom inset cabinets and a special floating island supported with four robust hand carved legs dressed with polished stainless steel boots.

We doesn't leave any details to chance. The kitchen island is a statement of the art itself, not only it speaks elegance and class but also functional with a steam oven and hidden outlets. The island countertop is selected from the highest quality of the translucent Lumix quartzite with contrasting high-polished thin-edge pyrolithic stone Eramo countertop around the perimeter. 


The comfortable and quiet neutral colors,  contrasting finishes and eye-catching Art Deco decor accents are blended into this contemporary kitchen, perfect for anyone who loves history and art.




Lincolnwood, IL


20,000 SF


126 E. Wing St., Suite 218, Arlington Heights, 60004

P: 773-704-5923

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