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Art Collector's Dream Remodel

This homeowner wanted to remodel his entire home to feature and display his expansive art collections from around the world. 


Architecture and interior design are similar to the cinema in many ways, for instance, the way that architects design and frame the experience of walking through the space of the home is essential to comfortable living. Every material selected for the remodeling process becomes a different scene in the narrative of this traditional home. That is why Luminesio's design team decided to introduce only neutral and warm colors for the new built-in bookshelves for the family room and office, fireplace mantle, chair railings, wainscoting panels, crown molding, casings, and stair railings. 

The paintings, photographs, sculptures, and collector's items now breathe their own life into the room, standing out against the soft neutral backgrounds. The level of detailing on the walls and ceiling throughout the home warmly complements and enhances the presence of all of the featured international and local art pieces.


Luminesio transformed the exterior façade of the home as well, by continuing the architectural style and 

personality with new stucco detailing around the windows and around the 2-story entryway to mirror the interior's millwork elements.



Atlanta, GA


7,000 SF

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