From Dim Store to Hip Office Space

The owners wanted a transformative façade to convey what their business is about. Fortune Restoration is a well established full-service painting company specializing in historical landmarks. Their existing offices and warehouses are in a one-story structure with no architectural style defined by white siding and flat roofs.

To make an impressive and noticeable appearance to the busy street we used a Victorian mansion done by the company for inspiration. In order to create a necessary visual height, we developed a design with a steep roof, detailed with Queen Anne triangular dormers. By adding the intricate trim and batten boards over stucco dormers, allowed the painters to show off their artistry and craftsmanship.


It was as important to add a massive and rounded two-story tower to anchor the entire building and to create a focal point for the main entry. The roof line of the tower was intentionally designed higher than the main roof so that the new brick, the stucco panels and the windows can stand out.


To finish it off, our designers selected a rich color combination for the new materials of the historically inspired new façade in order to complete this transformation. This type of design and development is a true representation of how LUMINESIO can form a space ideally for the needs of a business.


Fortune Restoration


Lincolnwood, IL


7,000 SF


126 E. Wing St., Suite 218, Arlington Heights, 60004

P: 773-704-5923

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