Smarter Urban Future

This technology-driven kitchen designed by Luminesio for a high-end retail showroom - is the only one that features the hydroponic refrigerators by Urban Cultivators in Illinois. These incubators, anchored at the corner of the expansive island, are plumbed with settings that can plant up to eight plants at the same time. They regulate the temperature, light and humidity with a touch-screen. Sharp edges and clean lines combined with organic looking materials veil the urban and seamless layout of the rest of the kitchen.

Part of the theme is the built-in refrigerator featuring a state-of-the-art hidden camera inside. When the homeowners tap on the glass door they can synchronize with the smartphone so, while grocery shopping they know which produce is missing in the refrigerator. All cabinet doors have Blum servo-drive with stainless steel box drawers and glass sides, allowing with a gentle tap on the doors and drawers to automatically open and light up. This eliminates the busy looking hardware on the cabinets.

To enhance the organic experience the handmade metallic glaze ceramic tile backsplash creates the alluring effect of the water ripples. And, as a finishing touch, the limestone floor provides an understated parquet pattern and natural texture.


Airoom Showroom


Lincolnwood, IL


7,000 SF


126 E. Wing St., Suite 218, Arlington Heights, 60004

P: 773-704-5923

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