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Oasis Bathroom

For 20 years the homeowner wished to transform their bathroom into an oasis to relax and unwind after a hectic workday. The existing bathroom was small and the makeup vanity was separated by a wall leaving a lot of unused space. Luminesio took down the wall to make the bathroom larger, more desirable, and the makeup area more functional.


Inspired by the nature surrounding this home in the hills of California, Luminesio introduced this natural relaxing element into the design of the bathroom by adding a live plant green wall and hanging plants from the light fixtures to make you feel as you are basking in the serenity of a rainforest.

While organically shaped materials and earthly colors were selected to set the mood, an oversized skylight and a rain shower head were also added above the walk-in-shower to further fuse the bathing experience with the elements of nature. Every surface of the bathroom is filled with colors and textures representing earth, trees, gold metal, air, and light.

“My bathroom oasis promotes a sense of wellbeing while I relax my mind and spirit”, the homeowner exclaimed.


Keys Residence


Oakland, CA


90 SF


Gold Master Design Awards in 2020

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