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Modern Family High-Rise Condo

The clients recently moved to Chicago and were looking for interior planning and furniture purchases to fit the new high-rise condo. They wanted to manage the budget by using some of their existing furniture and combining it with new items for the dining and family area, open office, primary bedroom, and kids’ bedroom.

Overall, they wished for a modern mid-century vibe in crisp and clean lines. Noticing each room had floor to ceiling bay windows, Luminesio's design team focused on selecting furniture pieces minimal in size and shape to allow for maximum viewing of the stunning skyline.

The open floor plan for the living areas was filled with the existing red leather and gold wire chairs then complemented by a new wood carved dining table and a black metal pendant style chandelier. To stay cost-effective, the library was built out of the drywall and prefabricated white wood shelving.

The office area was visually separated with hanging plants and recess lights into the existing ceiling soffits. More white wood shelves were added on the office wall, and alcove to mirror the library as well as add functionality to the space. A new set of children chairs and table in a natural stain are nesting in the office bay windows, so that the busy parents are able to attend to their child while working when necessary.

In the kids’ bedroom, we added the storage cubes for toys, the shelves for books, and a small desk in front of the bay windows - all in light color finishes. A tree wall decal adds whim and charm to the room while keeping track of the toddler’s growth. After some research over a variety of children's beds, it was decided upon a custom bed with adjustable rails in order to best fit the family's comfort and safety needs.

Last but foremost, the primary bedroom. Furniture and decorative items from various brands and independent artists were selected to complement the client's existing furniture pieces; as well as maintain a budget in the most stylistic manner. A textured wallcovering was selected on the bed-side wall to embrace the existing bed and the nightstands while featuring the new wall metal sconces and decorative mirror. A fun ceiling hung pod chair was added in the corner of the bay windows for a spot to read a book or simply enjoy the breathtaking Chicago skyline.


As a collective every detail from the color palette to the shapes, textures and materials 

selected reinstate this condo as modern yet warm, comfortable and inviting.


Labno Residence


Chicago, IL


1,202 SF

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