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Outdoor Entertainment Right at Home

The homeowners of this 1940’s Craftsman were eager to recapture the original details and beauty of the style. Luminesio modernized the façade by incorporating a color palette reflecting the natural elements – wood, earth, water, light. 


All of the prior wood sidings were replaced with maintenance-free fiber-cement siding. Primed and prefabricated decorative corbel brackets were added under the gable overhangs. As a focal point, three transom windows on the second floor were placed under the roof peak adding more dimension and curb appeal.


The artisan trim detailing gracefully defines and enhances the windows and columns at the front and the

port-cochere to the side. Ultimately, the power of color combination and integration of natural elements transformed this home back into an authentic Craftsman Style.


Santos Residence


Oak Park, IL


3,000 SF

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