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Versatile Venue Welcomes Patrons

The owners wanted to transform the banquet hall concept due to increased competition and to capture a more diverse clientele. The existing white brick exterior had no focal point and kept all the masonry details hidden from the street. Inspired by their wish list and the timeless details of Tuscany Villa and French Chateaux, LUMINESIO masterminded the themes for façade and interior.

Based on the budget and building time available, the option with the minimum investment was selected.
Using the existing port cochere framing, new robust stone pillars covered the steel columns and three arches supported by Tuscany columns were added to mirror the entryway doors. Stone pillars were built-out flanking and anchoring the entryway at the same time.


The majestic Tuscany Style presence of the rest of the building was created by staining the brick in earth-tone colors, adding two-story ledgestone, wrought iron balconies, oversized light fixtures, and privacy stone fences on both sides. The original white brick details unveil now the beauty of the windows and the scale of the building.


Inside the new beverage serving area is just as breathtaking, with a grandiose wood carved arch above the granite countertop, rich mahogany cabinetry, illuminated onyx panels behind the display shelves and at bar. It is a seamless addition to the existing towering arch windows and enhances the magical interior transformation of each banquet hall.


Now, Tuscany Falls Banquets are an outdoor and interior paradise for weddings and gatherings.



Former Dinolfo's Banquets


Mokena, IL


Spring, 2015

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