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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Everyone wants a space to call their own, but once the basic needs of shelter have been met, the next logical step is to make it an extension of what we value. Being home isn't just walking into four walls, it is also a sense of belonging. Our process is to work with clients to figure out the path to get there and then execute on the plan.

It starts with an idea or an inspiration. You've moved in and made do for a few years, but now its time for some updates -- you're going to be there a long while yet and far too much time has been spent fumbling through the poorly laid out kitchen. But what can be done and how much is it really going to cost?

That's where we come in. First things first though, dig up those floor plans and anything else that you may have sitting in a drawer somewhere, that will be critical. We will come to see your space and listen to your story; we will work with you to figure out the "why" so that we can answer with "what", "how" and of course, "how much".

“we will work with you to figure out the why so that we can answer with "what", "how" and of course "how much".”

Even in the case where your aspirations may not align with your timeline or your pocketbook, we will still provide expert advice on how to think through your approach even if we don't end up being the ones you work with.

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